Crisis Supplement For Food Policy Change

On December 1st 2018, several important changes were introduced by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction regarding crisis supplements:

  1. The maximum amount of a crisis supplement for food has increased from $20 to $40 per person per month.
  2. There is no longer a limit on the amount of crisis supplements a person or family unit can request in a calendar year.

The crisis supplements for clothing and shelter amounts remain unchanged:

  • The maximum clothing crisis supplement is $100 per person per year (with a maximum of $400 per family unit per year)
  • The shelter crisis supplement is restricted to the actual cost up to the maximum shelter allowance can be issues (for example: a single person has a shelter supplement of $375 then the maximum shelter crisis supplement that can be issued in this case would be $375).

For more information on crisis supplements and the recent changes, click here.

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