Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Updates

Effective July 1, 2019

Identification Supplement:

  • Individuals who either receive Ministry assistance may be eligible for an ID supplement to assist with accessing services in BC.

Moving, Transportation & Living Costs:

  • The moving supplement will also now include all places in BC.
  • Eligibility for moving supplement may now include a much wider range of reasons.
  • If clients are unable to provide moving cost estimates prior to their move, they may still be eligible for the moving supplement. However, the Ministry must approve that the reasons behind the clients’ inability to provide the estimates were justified.
  • The Ministry may require more than one cost estimate only when they need to determine whether the first estimate was appropriate.

Fleeing Abuse:

  • Examples are now provided to explain the potential circumstances under which an individual may be eligible for a moving supplement due to abuse.

Support, Shelter, & Special Care Facilities:

  • The shelter cost for room and board with a parent or adult child has been changed so that it includes the lesser of the following:
    • The sum of the cost of room and board and a comfort allowance or
    • The maximum entitlement for the applicant’s family size

Assets and Exemptions:

  • The vehicle asset limit has been removed and now there is no limit on the value of a single vehicle used for day-to-day purposes.
  • The asset limits have now been increased for income assistance recipients (IA/PPMB):
    • $5,000 for a single person
    • $10,000 for couples and one or two parent families


  • The Employability Screen and Client Employability Profile have been removed
  • There is a new PPMB application form
  • To apply, the client must also go to the ministry office or call and ask for the appropriate form to be filled out.

Work Search:

  • Rather than completing a five-week work search, clients must now complete a three-week work search, unless they meet an exemption requirement.

Transient Category:

  • “Transient” category has been removed from the following sections in the Ministry policy on “Eligibility”, “Support & Shelter”, and “General Supplements & Programs”

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