December 2019 – Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Updates

Effective December 02, 2019

Sponsorship Undertaking Default

An applicant whose sponsorship has defaulted may still be eligible for Income Assistance or disability assistance even if the sponsor cannot be contacted due to health and safety concerns. The applicant however, will have to meet all other eligibility criteria.

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Effective December 09, 2019

Support for Alcohol and Drug Residential Treatment

Recipients of income, disability and hardship assistance who are receiving treatments from a licensed or registered alcohol and drug residential treatment facility, is not eligible for the standard user fee or comfort allowance. They may also be eligible for shelter costs and/or monthly support allowance.

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Effective December 13, 2019

Citizenship Requirements

Refugee claimants are now able to provide the Acknowledgement of Claim and Notice to Return for Interview (AOC) from as identification when applying for assistance.

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