January 2020 – Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Updates

Effective January 1st 2020

  • Clients will no longer be required to apply for Early CPP (CPP before the age of 65)  
  • The 2 Year Financial Independence requirement has been removed from Ministry policy
  • There has been an increase to the amount of time clients can live together from three months to 12 months, before having their assistance reduced to the couples’ rate.
  • Providing the singles’ assistance rate to married clients who have separated but not yet divorced and are living in the same residence independently.
  • Clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness may not be cut off assistance if they can’t provide documentation and replacing this practice with a sanction of $25 per month.
  • There are now fixed repayment amounts and only one type of ministry debt can be recovered at a time.
  • Clients are now allowed to bring forward new evidence at an appeal (tribunal) hearing
  • Hardship assistance clients are now able to receive more supplements. In addition they now have access to: user charges and comforts in special care facilities (including alcohol and drug residential treatment), diet supplement, natal supplement, tube feed supplement, nutritional supplements, transportation to alcohol and drug facilities supplement, pre-natal shelter supplement, camp fee supplement, clothing supplement for people in special care facilities, denture supplement, reconsideration and appeal supplement (for supplements only), supplement for alcohol and drug treatment, and Christmas supplement.
  • The crisis shelter supplements has increased up to the full monthly amount for support and shelter, instead of just the shelter portion.
  • The limit has been removed on the number of security deposits clients can receive.
  • New supplement for Pet Damage Deposits
  • New streamlining process for clients who are returning to assistance within the last 6 months, clients can fill out the monthly report, at the Ministry’s discretion, to re-determine eligibility.

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