February 2021 – Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Update

BC Recovery Benefit

The Ministry announced that as of February 2021, all those who receive Income, Disability or Hardship assistance and those who receive the Senior’s Supplement will automatically be paid the BC Recovery Benefit if they haven’t already received it. However, this is applicable to those who were also receiving one of these four benefits in December 2020 or January 2021 as well.

Clients will receive the BC Recovery Benefit in the same form as how they receive their Income, Disability or Hardship Assistance benefits. For example, for those who receive assistance via direct deposit will also receive the BC Recovery Benefit via direct deposit. Things to note if you are an Income, Disability or Hardship Assistance recipient:

  • If you have already applied and received the BC Recovery Benefit, you will not receive another BC Recovery Benefit payment from the Ministry.
  • If you received a reduced BC Recovery Benefit payment, you will automatically receive a top-up. However, top-ups of under $10 will not be issued.
  • If you who applied for the BC Recovery Benefit and are in the verification process, you will not have to go through the verification process anymore and should automatically receive the BC Recovery Benefit payment.
  • When you receive the BC Recovery Benefit, you must report it on your Monthly Report as Other Income. This payment will be exempt and will not affect your monthly assistance.

The BC Recovery Benefit payments are expected to be issued by the end of March 2021.

BC Recovery Supplement

The BC Recovery Supplement of $150 will be automatically included to the March 2021 cheque for those on Income, Disability and Hardship Assistance, and who are NOT receiving federal benefits such as the Canada Recovery Benefits or Employment Insurance.

2020 Tax Slips

The Ministry will send out T5007 income tax slips at the end of February to all Income and Disability Assistance recipients. Seniors who received a minimum of $500 in 2020 from the Senior’s Supplement and the $300 COVID-19 Supplement will also receive a T5007 tax slip.

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