People with Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment (PPMB) can be used either to provide applicants with time and support to overcome their barriers or to give applicants extra time to transition to other income supports such as PWD.

To be eligible for PPMB, an applicant must:

•    Have been on income assistance for 12 of the last 15 months
•    Have multiple severe barriers to employment
•    Have a severe eligible medical condition that hinders their ability to perform or search for a job and
•    Have exhausted their options.

The last 3 requirements may be disregarded if the applicant has an eligible medical condition completely prevents the applicant from searching for or continuing work. To be considered an eligible medical condition the following requirements must be met: the applicant has had it for at least 1 year, it is likely to continue or reoccur frequently for at least 2 years and it is not an addiction.

Recipients on PPMB are exempt from searching for work. However, they are still encouraged to develop their independence with earnings exemptions provided by the Ministry. Extra benefits also include medical supports and rates increases which can be found on the "Benefit Rate Chart, Effective Jan 1, 2018 - PWD" under our Resources Page.

For more information concerning PPMB eligibility can be found here.