To apply for PPMB, applicants must first fill out an Employability Screen using form HR2797. The Employability Screen determines the severity of the non-medical barriers that the applicant faces. The higher the score, the less employable they are. An applicant with a score of over 15 may qualify for PPMB even with a medical condition that is less severe. However, most people who apply for PPMB have scores of less than 15.

A Client Employability Profile (form HR2865) must also be completed for applicants with a score of over 15 or with a medical condition which completely prevents them from searching for or continuing work. The Employment Profile aims to identify an applicant's specific barriers and their severity to employment.The profile includes sections such as: work experience, job retention, education, training, literacy, criminal record and various others. The full list can be found here.

Finally, all applicants must also have a medical practitioner complete a medical report (form HR2892). The medical report will detail the severity of the applicant's medical condition as well as explain why the condition prevents or hinders their ability to perform or search for a job.