To be eligible for Persons with Disabilties (PWD), the applicant must:

•    be 18 year or older
•    show financial need (being within the income and asset limits)
•    require assistance for everyday activities
•    and have a severe physical or mental medical condition which is expected to continue for 2 or more years.

Applicants must be on income assistance before receiving the application package for PWD. The PWD designation application has 3 sections:

•    Section 1: Client Information (Filled by the client)
•    Section 2: Medical Report (Filled by a medical or nurse practitioner)
•    Section 3: Assessor Report (Filled by a medical or nurse practitioner or other prescribed professional)

A sample of the application can be found here. To avoid having to fill out the extremely lengthy application form, eligible applicants may choose the more streamlined 2 page prescribed class application method. Click here to find out if you qualify.