Income Assistance

Employment and Assistance is the welfare program in BC. It provides financial support for low income or no income individuals through a variety of statuses including regular employable, employable with no employment obligations (medical reason, single person with a child under 3yrs of age, caring full-time for a disabled spouse, in treatment etc.), Sole Recipient with Disabled Child, Person with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB) and under other legislation, “Person with Disability” (PWD).  Applying can be complex and the system has a lot of rules.  Please view our related videos and answers to commonly asked questions regarding income assistance.  Also take a look at our resources section that provides a rate chart that outlines eligibility amounts and asset limits.

Crisis Supplements

Crisis supplements are one-time non-repayable grants for recipients facing an unexpected emergency need. A family unit is only eligible for this supplement if they require a certain item which will prevent imminent danger to a recipient's physical health and if they have no resources available to obtain that item.

There are different defined 3 types of crisis supplements:

1)   Food - with a maximum of $20/person/month. As an exampleL 3 person family – maximum that can be issued is $60.00 in the month.

*Note: the Ministry is not obligated to issue the maximum allowable amount.

2)   Clothing - maximum issue amount of $100/person/year (up to a maximum of 4 people in the family),

3)   Shelter – the maximum amount that can be issued is restricted to the maximum of the family’s shelter portion and must alleviate the crisis (resolve eviction for unpaid rent).