ad·vo·cate (noun)

    • to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly.
    " he was an untiring advocate of economic reform"

    • a person who pleads on someone else's behalf.
    "care managers can become advocates for their clients"

    synonyms: champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, exponent, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, campaigner, fighter, crusader, flag-bearer.

Ask An Advocate

Sources Community Resources has carried out a mission to promote social wellness for our community since 1981. We continue to aim to develop and deliver quality programs which support individuals who are making positive changes in their lives including those who are coping with isolation, addiction, poverty, disability, and conflict. We also offer support to our community through leadership, education, and volunteerism. In doing so, we aim to create more vibrant and resilient communities.

Newton Advocacy, Housing & Prevention Services Programs strives to promote optimal living and wellness of marginalized and disabled people with low or no income. We provide informative options and resources, advocate on behalf of and assist in navigating complex systems and help people understand their legal and financial rights and responsibilities. It is our goal to deliver quality legal advocacy, housing and prevention services, and help individuals access resources and benefits that they are entitled to.

Ask An Advocate developed out of the need to be able to easily find basic and clear information about income assistance and other income support programs, disability benefits (provincial and federal), and tenancy; as well as to empower people to self-advocate.  Through videos, answers to commonly asked questions in each section, Quick Reference Guides, training resources and links to other services, we strive ensure clear information is readily available in an array of simple to understand formats.  Additionally, we aim to build capacity across the province of British Columbia by providing training to community service providers, who provide assistance to individuals trying to access these types of benefits or are dealing with tenancy related issues.