Sources respects and upholds an individual’s right to privacy and protects personal information. We are committed to ensuring compliance with applicable privacy legislation.

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Where, in the opinion of the individual, arbitrary treatment has been rendered under Sources policies, or the client believes the policies have been breached, the client has the right to file a complaint without interference or retaliation.


  1. Discuss the matter with the individual.
  2. If unresolved after 14 days, present a written complaint to the individual’s supervisor.
  3. If unresolved after 14 days, the supervisor will bring the complaint to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  4. If unresolved after 21 days, the CEO will bring the complaint to the Board of Directors. A written response will be provided within 28 days.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the response, you have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate public authority or regulatory body.

A client/family has the right to provide additional information regarding the complaint at any step in the above process.


Sources welcomes comments and feedback on our services from the general public.

Comments, feedback or complaints about organization staff, clients or property should be directed to the specific Program Manager, Director, or the Chief Operating Officer. Complaints from the general public about Sources will be handled confidentially and promptly.