Income Assistance Basics:

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This course is designed to teach you about the basics of Income Assistance (IA). It will provide an overview of the program including eligibility requirements, application process, and appeal process. It will also discuss pertinent issues including income and assets, employment plan, living arrangement, supplements and benefits. ~ 4 hours
Module 1 Overview
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Prior Knowledge Quiz
Unit 3 Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
Unit 4 Income Assistance Program Overview
Unit 5 Regular Income Assistance
Unit 6 QUIZ
Module 2 Eligibility for Income Assistance
Unit 1 Eligibility
Unit 2 Citizenship Requirement
Unit 3 Underage Applicants
Unit 4 Living on a Reserve
Unit 5 Being a Student
Unit 6 Sanctions
Unit 7 QUIZ
Module 3 Applying for Income Assistance
Unit 1 Documents Needed
Unit 2 Application
Unit 3 What's Next?
Unit 4 QUIZ
Module 4 Employment Plans and Related Issues
Unit 1 Employment Plan
Unit 2 Quitting or Refusing a Job
Unit 3 Reduction of Benefits
Unit 4 QUIZ
Module 5 Living Arrangements
Unit 1 Family Composition
Unit 2 Roommates, Room and Board, Living with Parents
Unit 3 QUIZ
Module 6 Income and Assets
Unit 1 Earned and Unearned Income
Unit 2 Earning Exemption
Unit 3 Assets
Unit 4 Monthly Report
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 7 Benefits, Programs and Supplements
Unit 1 Medical Benefits
Unit 2 General Supplements and Programs Overview
Unit 3 Crisis Supplements Overview
Unit 4 Security and Pet Deposits
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 8 Hardship Assistance
Unit 1 Hardship
Module 9 Appeal
Unit 1 Stage 1
Unit 2 Stage 2
Unit 3 Appeal Process Summary
Unit 4 QUIZ
Module 10 Review
Unit 1 Review
Unit 2 QUIZ
Unit 3 Thank You

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Training Information

Thank you for supporting our drop in training at the Newton Resource Centre in Surrey, B.C.

We have successfully hosted multiple drop in training sessions on Income Assistance, Persons with Disabilities, Tenancy and Federal Public Pensions. We currently do not have any further training sessions scheduled as we await for next year’s funding. Email us at for more information.

Quick Reference Guides:

Please click the links below to open our downloadable Quick Reference Guides with easy to read information Income Assistance and Persons with Disabilities.