Tenancy Basics:

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This course is designed to teach you about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in residential tenancies in British Columbia. The course details the proper procedures to follow at the beginning, during and at the end of a tenancy. ~2.5 hours
Module 1 Overview
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Prior Knowledge Quiz
Unit 3 Residential Tenancy Branch
Unit 4 The Residential Tenancy Act
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 2 Starting a Tenancy
Unit 1 Tenancy Agreement
Unit 2 Tenancy Responsibilities
Unit 3 Security and Pet Deposits
Unit 4 Condition Inspection
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 3 Rent and Repairs
Unit 1 Paying Rent and Utilities
Unit 2 Rent Increase
Unit 3 Maintenance and Repairs
Unit 4 Ending or Changing a Non-Essential Service
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 4 Other Rights and Responsibilities
Unit 1 Landlord's Access Rights
Unit 2 Subletting and Assignment Tenancy
Unit 3 RTA Changes
Unit 4 QUIZ
Module 5 How a Tenancy Could End
Unit 1 Tenant Ending a Tenancy
Unit 2 Notices
Unit 3 Serving Notices
Unit 4 Moving Out
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 6 Special Circumstances
Unit 1 Death and Frustrated Tenancy
Unit 2 Abandonment and Foreclosure
Unit 3 Family Violence and Long Term Care
Unit 4 Tenant Refusing to Leave
Unit 5 QUIZ
Module 7 Dispute Resolution
Unit 1 Dispute Resolution
Unit 2 Tenancy Hearing
Unit 3 Review Consideration
Unit 4 QUIZ
Module 8 Review
Unit 1 Tenancy Review
Unit 2 QUIZ

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